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Welcome to Heaton Outdoor Products, Inc. where we’ve been manufacturing quality barbecueware for over 48 years!
Our complete line of grilling parts, utensils and accessory items is designed to meet every customer need.

We have gone to market under our two (2) major brand names:



We also are a prime private label source for our Charcoal Starters . Over the course of time we have private labeled for most of the Major Grill Companies

Heaton is AMERICAS  #1 MANUFACTURER OF ELECTRIC AND CHIMNEY STYLE CHARCOAL STARTERS FOR OVER 45 YEARS, ever since the company  invented the Electric Charcoal Starter back in 1969.

To date we are the only U.S.A. manufacturer of these starters as well as a variety of other unique grill accessories, some of which are manufactured here in Southern California.

We had never been in the business of producing Barbecue Grills until a few years ago.  Our decision to produce the ceramic Comet Kamado was made because of the unique versatility of the cooker and the incredibly fabulous foods it produces; regardless of whether it is used to Bake, Grill, Smoke, or BBQ. No other type of grill on the market can match the results.  When purchasing this one of a kind cooker that will last you a lifetime…. you want the backing of a company that has been around a lifetime.

Our other Grill is  “Curly’s Chuckwagon Smoker & Grill, a unique Santa Maria Style Smoker And Grill that is a favorite of California outdoor caterers.

Heaton also produce top-quality customized grill covers, personalized Aprons, BBQ Mitts, BBQ Tote Bags and Smoker Boxes.  Our newest endeavors  are Sauces, Marinades, Seasonings and Rubs. Premium Wood Chips, Chunks and Planks.

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